The Community & Outreach Center
for the DFW Muslim Community

Al Ansar Society is a Texas Nonprofit organization established in May of 2019. It is dedicated to worship of Allah and fellowship of mankind. It is registered as a place of worship and our 501(c) process is currently in progress (updated February 23, 2020)

What is Al Ansar Society?

Al Ansar Society is a Community and Outreach Center for the Muslims in the DFW area.  

Why is Al Ansar Needed?

Just like we need Masjids and schools, we need community service centers to serve the various needs of our community. People look for support when they have serious needs whether they are personal, familial, social or emotional. Al Ansar tries its best to stand with the people who are seeking help.     

The Mission:

Support the new comers to Islam, build bridges across faith groups and serve the needs of the community in the best possible way. 

The Vision:

In sha Allah, Al Ansar Society will create the highest standard in supporting the new comers to Islam, building bridges across faith groups and serving the needs of the community.

What Services does Al Ansar Provide?

Al Ansar is particularly focused to serve a few community needs that are very urgent. Such as:

  1. Provide all possible support to those who enter Islam
  2. Build bridges with people of all faith around us
  3. Share the true message of Islam with those who like to learn
  4. Provide
    1.  A friendly place of worship and religious learning
    1. Counseling services for personal, family and social challenges
    1. Match-making and wedding services for the singles
    1. A great venue for your family’s special occasion
    1. Special services for youth, sisters and seniors.

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