Exceptionally Easy and Presented in plain English; Focused on serving the Beginners to Islam, The Convert Community and the Youth

  • Ramadan Talk: (Revert Families Speak. 7:30 – 8 PM – Tue, Thur & Sat).
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    Join us at the end of the day. How are our brothers and sisters from the revert community doing this Ramadan? Hear their Ramadan experiences.  In sha Allah, we’ll make Dua (Supplication) together right before Iftar as well. 

  • Worship in Ramadan: 10 – 10:30 PM (EVERYDAY; April 23-May 23 )
    Explaining best ways to perform prayers and other good deeds in Ramadan. Essential for beginners and helpful for all that like to improve their worship. In sha Allah, we’ll improve our worship and be enormously benefited. 

  • Supplication to Allah: 4 – 4:30 AM (EVERYDAY for the last 10 days; May 14-23)
    Only for Last 10 nights, early at 4 AM. Beg of Allah The Almighty together in all humility. Join us in. Let’s ask Allah for forgiveness, mercy, guidance and easy provision. Ask anything from the bottom of our hearts. 

In sha Allah, we plan to present essential teachings of Islam, answer your questions and supplicate to Allah the Exalted live. We plan to demonstrate how to pray and how to perform other rituals live. However, we don’t plan to broadcast actual Salah (ritual prayer) live. When in Salah, people need to pay full concentration instead of looking at the screen. It maybe better to pray Salah on your own or with your families having absolute concentration).

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