Every Saturday 7:00PM- 10:00PM
At Al Ansar Society, we host a weekly Family Dinner that includes learning circles.

Who Can Attend?
Though we focus on our Revert community, all in the community are welcome, Revert and Non-Revert. Please feel free to bring your friends and family. People who are exploring Islam are also welcome.

Learning Circle
Separate Learning Circles for Brothers and Sisters. Each Saturday will cover a different topic as well as an interactive question and answer session. Ask your Questions about life, contemporary issues, or anything else. This will help you grow in Islam. 

Dinner is free and everyone is welcome. Bring your family and friends. The main dish is provided however, you may bring any item you would like to share. 

Fellowship & Bonding 
This is a great opportunity to bond with your fellow worshippers and build brotherhood/sisterhood.

Like to Sponsor? 
If you would like to Sponsor a dinner on a Saturday, the Cost is $750. You can directly pay using our Donation Link and write “For Saturday Dinner” in the note section. 


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